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About MLAIcafe

MLAIcafe is a Delhi based company that deals with ML , AI and AR.

We are having specialized in facilitating First-time AI Adoption, AI Audit & Reengineering, Data Analysis , AI Expansion , Location Based AR , Marker Based AR.

We are on a mission to participate in the automation revolution. As AI works for digital inclusion in India, it will have a ripple effect on economic growth and prosperity. Analysts predict that AI can help add up to $957 billion to the Indian economy by 2035. The opportunity for AI in India is colossal, as is the scope for its implementation. By 2025, data and AI can add over $500 billion and almost 20 million jobs to the Indian economy.

Let us fly high in the wave called AI.

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Our Tech Head

Aashish Bhaskar

Chief Technology Officer

Fondly called AB, Aashish is a B.Tech from IIT Delhi. He is a core technocrat at mind and core creative at heart. He is the Master of hs craft! He can Deliver the Project on a Perfect Sweet Shot! Aashish knows how to take your project by storm using the power of Technology.

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