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We at MLAI bring creativity to the profile - By Artistically and Technologically.

Through our ARPA programme. ARPA- Artistic Representation with Profile Analysis.

"U of U" - Method of profiling. Inspired by song - Tumhiko tumhi se chura lenge hum.

There is no boundation to scale, Welcome the business by automation @ Any Size.

Act Fast! Take advatange before your competition does.

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First-time AI Adoption

Adopting new tech early comes with high risk – but might also establish a company as a leader in their field. Put simply, early adoption of new technologies drives better business outcomes.

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AI Audit & Reengineering

Auditing to ensure compliance with regulations, industry standards, best codes and Engineering Elements.

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Data Analysis

It deals with how to evaluate a data to get information & aid in business decision making by using analytical and statistical tools.

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AI Expansion

We provide a taxonomy of artificial neural networks (ANNs) and furnish with knowledge and imlementation of current and emerging trends in ANN applications.

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Location Based AR

We provide an ideal mapping platform is one which has the interface to provide location-based offerings, rewards and prizes, and messages to your customers.

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Marker Based AR

We develop application based on technology that allows to scan the physical “markers & images” and extract a 2D/3D model, videos, animations and audios.

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